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Waste… of our time

Saturday, April 9


An art exhibition highlighting the effects of plastic pollution promises to be a “WASTE… OF OUR TIME”

An innovative new art exhibition being held at Plymouth Leadworks and featuring ‘The Insatiables’, a surreal set of plastic cast bodies, floating through space, a giant overflowing Refuse bin filled with the plastic of generations and a horizontal dream catcher that visitors’ can attach their thoughts for preventing plastic pollution to, is coming to Plymouth.

The “WASTE… OF OUR TIME” project was born as a collaboration between two local artists, Judy Harington and Kate Crawfurd, in response to a call out from Plymouth City Council to fashion a sculpture utilising plastic waste. 

Both passionate about the environment and the issues we face from the millions of tons of plastic waste that flow into our oceans every year and with funding from Interreg EU, Preventing Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Plymouth Octopus Project in partnership with Environment Plymouth and Plymouth Scrapstore, they conceived this inspiring exhibition.

Community engagement was a key factor in project with Judy and Kate delivering Plastic Waste Workshops to local youth groups and schools across the city, creating artwork, dream catchers out of plastic waste, a junk music band and as well as a Soundscape by Plymouth University Student Alena Toms, encouraging conversations about the issues surrounding waste plastic and what we can do to solve them. Some fantastical ideas were generated from local children including a Time Machine to travel back and dis-invent plastic!

 Realistically though, most plastic waste comes from the land, polluting our rivers and water ways and spilling out into the seas and oceans. Not only is this detrimental to wildlife, but plastic pollution breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces eventually contaminating our drinking water supplies, the food that we eat and the air that we breath.

 Through the workshops and art installation, Judy and Kate highlight the importance of the message that everyone can make a difference.

 The exhibition is being hosted by Plymouth Leadwork‘s from Wednesday 6th of April – Saturday 9th April 10am till 4pm daily. 

Plus, an evening session on Sat 9th from 7pm till 10pm.

On Saturday 9th at 2pm the exhibition finale includes a performance from the Plastic Waste Band formed during the workshops, a procession of the Spiral Ammonite made from milk bottles and symbolising life, renewal and hope for the future, a poetry reading by Heather Brown local artist and poet, as well as prize-giving for the poster competition by Liz Cole, Natural Infrastructure Officer, Plymouth City Council. 

The exhibition is free to all, with something for everyone. Come and join the fun!

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