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Urban Forest – Celebrating Trees Through The Creative Lens of Collage Art

Sunday, May 12

Experiment with basic collage to bring your urban forest vision to life

An urban forest refers to the network of trees and other vegetation found in cities, towns, and suburbs. These green spaces provide numerous benefits, including cleaner air, reduced heat island effect, and improved mental well-being. Urban forests are important for many reasons. They provide shade, which can help to cool cities down in the summer. They also help to filter air pollution and absorb rainwater, which can help to reduce flooding. In addition, urban forests provide habitat for wildlife and can make cities more attractive places to live.

This is an intuitive collage workshop that is open to anyone interested in exploring urban forests and unleashing their creativity through collage. No prior experience is necessary! You will be provided with a variety of materials, such as old magazines, newspapers, photographs, maps, fabric scraps, and more to spark your creativity and to allow you to capture the essence of this vital ecosystem.

You will then be guided through a series of prompts to help you select and arrange the materials in a way that speaks to you. There is no right or wrong way to create an intuitive collage, and the process is all about self-discovery and exploration. We’ll begin with selecting collage materials that symbolise urban forests. We’ll use sustainably sourced recycled magazines, newspapers, maps, fabrics, dried leaves, and more to spark your creativity.

You will experiment with basic collage techniques like cutting, tearing, layering, and adhering materials to combine textures, colours, and negative space that will bring your urban forest vision to life. Consider bringing recycled materials from your own urban environment that you could incorporate into your collage, like dried flowers, feathers, bits of packaging or textures from fallen leaves.

Think about the different elements of an urban forest you want to represent. Will you showcase towering trees amidst skyscrapers? Or a hidden pocket park teeming with life? Will the focus be on a single tree amidst buildings, or a network of green spaces integrated with the cityscape? Each collage becomes a story. Think about the message you want to convey about urban forests. Is it their beauty, their importance, or the need for protection?

This event is hosted by Agazart.

Workshop Outcomes
Gain a deeper appreciation for urban forests.

Explore collage as a creative medium.

Develop collage techniques like cutting, layering, and adhering.

Create a unique piece of art that tells a story about the urban forest.

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