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TRIAD Art Exhibition

Saturday, November 20

Jane Athron, Nuala Taylor and Judy Harington from Rhizome Artists’ Collective.

Three artists come together to voice their concerns over the predicament we face as a result of Capitalism’s inability to solve the global crisis affecting all our lives and the future of life on this planet.

JUDY HARINGTON, Environmental Artist, is exhibiting work emphasising the pollution of the seas and the ongoing devastation caused by ever increasing plastic waste strangling and choking marine life.

NUALA TAYLOR, Landscape Artist’s paintings highlight the transformative beauty of local wild places in celebration but also as a reminder of what we could so easily lose.

JANE ATHRON, Visual Artist is showing work expressing the horror and anguish she feels at the havoc wrought on our lives this year by chaos, corruption and governmental ineptitude in the middle of a pandemic and global catastrophe.

Exhibition open- 20-21 Nov 11am to 5pm.

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