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The Northern Lights & climate short films

Friday, April 22

Could we all be a little more earth-friendly? Join us as we discover the impacts of human actions on the world we live in. See the beauty of the Northern Lights, dive underwater to discover what a sustainable fishery could look like, as well as exploring what impacts global climate systems.

Perfect for those looking to live sustainably or for those looking to learn about the world we live in and how to look after it.

Join us for this triple bill of breathtaking immersive content:

Résonances Boréales

This 360-degree breathtaking show creates a visual environment in full symbiosis with Roman Zavada’s piano compositions and the Northern lights. This unique immersive experience brings the audience straight into the heart of the boreal forest above the 60th parallel.

This content was produced by FIG55.

Running time: 12 minutes

To Protect a Paradise

Stunning, 360 live action short film, shot above and below the water, exploring the challenges faced by local people in the Aeolian islands in Italy and their plans to establish an effective marine protected area and a low-impact, sustainable local fishery.

This content is brought to you by the Blue Marine Foundation and videographer Danny Copeland

Running time: 6 minutes

Climate Crimes

Climate Crimes is a large-scale immersive fulldome video installation, which explores the complex relationship between global air pollution, climate change and human migration.

This immersive film investigates how anthropogenic aerosols and other atmospheric particles originating in the wealthy nations of the global north – Europe, USA, China, and others, impact global climate systems and contribute to the desertification and migration in the Sahel region of north Africa. The spatial video content is designed to immerse the viewer in this cyclic story of cause and effect. The imagery shifts from microscopic to universal scales, incorporating the physical dome structure in the narrative movement across complex data sets, global perspectives and human stories.

This content was produced by Michaela French.

Running time: 11 minutes

Total running time: 30 minutes

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