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SOAK Live Art Night. Experimental Performance Night

Thursday, November 30

SOAK Live Art is a new platform for performance in Plymouth. Their bi-monthly performance nights at Leadworks showcase an exciting mix of live art, dance, theatre, spoken word poetry and experimental music.

On the 30th Nov SOAK Live Art Night will feature:

‘Perception Gap’ by Patrice Naiambana, Ric White & Sara Hurley is an African Diaspora Performance exploring the psychological pressures weighing on a solitary exiled-outsider. Accompanied by projected images of European Classical Paintings and Live Sound Design and Music by Ric White. Composed and Performed by Patrice Naiambana. Torch Lighting by Sara Hurley.

‘Bottali’ by Jung Hee Borthwick is a performance piece exploring movement and images inspired by 1980s Market life in Korea. ‘Bottali’ means bundle and this performance is based on sharing childhood experiences through dance performance.

Skirting the Issues’ by Delpha Hudson is a new performance exploring the vernacular of both domestic interiors and women’s lives; She is telling stories about her body; women’s experience of invisibility, mothering, care, and value. She is present. She is not avoiding or skirting the issues. She is facing them, transforming them and being transformed.

‘Kindness Workshop’ by Devon Tipping uses a range of art materials to invite audiences to come and draw messages of kindness, to a stranger, to yourself and see the wall build with kindness. By the end we (hopefully) will be met by a large dose of kindness to add buoyancy against an often-negative world. Take a message home and use it to remember that small acts can add up to bigger change. Poppy Jane Jones intends to explore a mixture of poetry, folk singing and making up work on the spot to explore themes provided by the audience, encouraging audience participation with the theme of Sea.

Urban Folk music by Kid Hyena – from the backstreets of Barcelona now based in the UK feat. Foot Stompin’ Sing Along Tunes, Fiery Percussion, Tap Dance Beats & a whole load of Positive Vibes!

Book your pay-what-you-can tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soak-live-art-night-tickets-737084899777?aff=oddtdtcreator

SOAK Live Art CIC is supported by public funding from Arts Council England and the Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth. SOAK is hosted and curated by Sarah Blissett and Kerry Priest.

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