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Small Loom Tapestry Weaving with Becky Dodman Wainwright

Saturday, October 7

This workshop will cover small loom weaving technique, colour and proportions planning as well as tea leaf-reading as an inspiration source.

Dive into the captivating world of textile art with internationally renowned artist, designer, and textile lecturer, Becky Dodman Wainwright – where she explores traditional textile crafts to produce art collections focusing specifically on large scale tapestry weavings.

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Her current work Tasseography Textiles aims to poke fun at the mundanity of tea in our everyday rituals, and how we use tea as a sensory activity to bring ourselves together to talk, share experiences and plan for the future. Becky has created a generative participatory design approach that works with people to explore their own internal landscapes, and otherness as an abstract exploration of self. The participatory process creates design plans for textile art works.

In this unique workshop where tradition meets innovation Becky will introduce you to a small loom, working out dents per inch, warping the simple loom, creating a header and the fundamentals of weaving. Following this, Becky will take you through colour planning, colour proportions and theory using a simple card and weave technique, and how to weave with colour. Over tea, she will introduce you to her unorthodox approach to design and you will drink tea, look for signs, symbols and shapes in the tea and collage from these sources of inspiration. This collage will become your design plan for your tapestry, and we will work on with in for the three weeks. By the end, you’ll have your very own tapestry masterpiece, shaped by ancient crafts and modern inspiration.

Don’t miss this opportunity to weave stories with threads and tea – a journey into creativity and self-expression.

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Dates and time:

Saturday 7h October 10.30am – 3.00pm

Sunday 15th October 10.30am – 3.00pm

Saturday 21st October 10.30am – 3.00pm

Cost: £95 for 3 sessions (all materials are included).

Deposit: There will be £30 refundable loom deposit in cash required on the first day.

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