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Illuminate presents: Ocean City Comedy

Tuesday, November 23

As part of Illuminate 2021, Ocean City Comedy invites you to a “Plymouth Jest Fest”. Come celebrate the toast* of Plymouth’s Comedy Scene at this bespoke night of ‘Janner’ based comics!

Plymouth has a small and tight knit group of comics with a great variety of comic styles and personas, please come support them in their home town (saving them valuable driving miles as petrol is currently scarce).


Suzy Bennet

Former Butlins Redcoat and proud Devonian Suzy ‘accidentally’ won an award on her 6th gig and has kept the laughs, and her accent, going strong ever since, performing around the UK as well as overseas. She is the voice of the ‘Plymouth Trails’ Tour app and was recently named as one of the ‘50 Coolest people from Plymouth’ by the Evening Herald (It was in no particular order so she assumes she came third after Dawn French and Wayne Sleep).

David Arnold
A Welsh man by birth but Plymouth based for 10 years (married a Janner), David is a regular on the comedy circuit, mixing mainstream and alternative material with aplomb! A warm and engaging presence, David has recently won through to the finals of British Comedian of the year! An absolute treat of a man. www.welshdavecomedy.com

Frankie Doré
10 year + Plymouthian Frankie has become a regular on the South West comedy circuit over the last few years. His tales of life as a (late) 30 something male have entertained at pubs, clubs, and festivals across the South of England. A disarming and sharp witted fella indeed!

Willtordian Ballorian Edwardian
The baby of the bunch moved to Plymouth 4 years ago and performed his first ever stand up set in the city. A man with a penchant for owls and a celebration of the absurd silliness of life! Expect chaos, music, prizes and owls….

*Not their actual toast, that’d be weird.

Tickets here.

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