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Thursday, March 31

Join Plymouth Athenaeum for three fantastic public lectures in March with a mixture of literary and environmental topics to fascinate and inspire at City College Plymouth.

One of the highlights of the Spring Lecture Series will be a talk by Emma Darwin on Thursday, 10th March (7.30pm). Emma is the great-great-granddaughter of evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin, who was a member of the Plymouth Athenaeum in the mid-1800s.

The series kicks off with Chris Savery taking us on ‘The journey of a local playwright’ on Thursday, 3rd March (7.30pm). His work has been performed on stage in New York and Paris and includes Mirror, Mirror: The Other Side of Marilyn and To Win a Crown of Thorns, a play about the English Civil War.

Join Emma Darwin on her journey through the artists, scientists, composers and poets of the Darwin-Wedgwood-Galton clan, as seen through the lens of her creative struggle to write fiction about them on Thursday, 10th March (7.30pm).

Books about Emma Darwin’s great-great-grandparents, Charles and Emma Darwin, are legion, but when she agreed to write a novel about her family, she looked for stories less often told.

Environmental journalist and lecturer Anna Turns discusses easy and sustainable ways to reduce chemical pollution on Thursday, 31st March (7.30pm). Anna specialises in writing about sustainability, climate change, marine issues and our connection with nature.

She is an Oxford University biology graduate and Associate Lecturer at Plymouth Marjon University, and writes regularly for publications including The GuardianDaily Telegraph and Evening Standard.

Her first book, Go Toxic Free: Easy and Sustainable Ways to Reduce Chemical Pollution, was published in January.


Thurs 3 Mar (7.30pm): The journey of a local playwright. Registration: IN-PERSON | ONLINE.

Thurs 10 Mar (7.30pm): This is Not a Talk About Charles Darwin. Registration: IN-PERSON | ONLINE.

Thurs 31 Mar (7.30pm): Gox Toxic Free. Registration: IN-PERSON | ONLINE.

Please note: these lectures will take place at City College’s Kings Road campus.

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