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FORESTS & The Role of Experimental Art at a Time of Crisis

Friday, October 27

The Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth and Eden’s Cave are offering a day-long series of events exploring process, performance making and the role of experimental art at a time of crisis.

“Forests”, is a six-year performance theatre film experiment based in the exceptional landscapes of the Forest of Dean. The project is rooted in years of work that began in 2016 with material born from the entanglements and careful weaving between a group of people exploring the questions of how we might transform our relationship with land, ourselves, and each other at a time of climate emergency. As the company enters its next stage of experimental making, Eden’s Cave invite you into their creative process to offer collaborative discussion on how we make art in these times.
The day offers three different events, all are welcome, however events are focused towards:

Theatre and film makers and individuals seeking to create their own work and/or developing a performance company

Creative producers

Networking with other makers and artists

A limited number of day tickets can be purchased for all three events – £16, £6 UoP Students, £10 other students – or there is the option to attend any single event (for individual ticket prices see below).


Performance talk
“New ways of making: a theatre-film experiment with Eden’s Cave”
This discursive session focuses on the company’s way of working and will introduce the “Forests” project fromconception to delivery, exploring the process, methods, and ongoing plans for the work. Group conversation exploring process-driven work in the UK, it will touch on production, funding models, pedagogy, placemaking, interdisciplinary modes of practice, laboratory and ensemble processes, and the challenges of making experimental work.

Time: 10:00–12:00
Venue: The House (main stage)
Ticket information: £6, £3 students, free to UoP Students
Age Restriction: 14+

“Exploring Research & Process”
A practical movement-based workshop exploring Eden’s Cave’s methods of making. No prior experience or ability is required to participate. Please make us aware of any access needs when booking.

Time: 13:00–16:00
Venue: The House (main stage)
Ticket information: £10, £6 Students – limited places available
Age Restriction: 18+

“Walking through Forests”
This is the final of three sessions delivered across the day. This seminar-based session will involve discussion and sharings, and feature preview screenings of sections of the upcoming film. This is a unique chance to experience and engage with insights from the company’s ongoing research into pre and post show gatherings.

Time: 17:00–19:00
Venue: The House (main stage)
Ticket information: £6, £3 students, free to UoP Students
Age Restriction: 14+

Book here.

Upcoming events

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Tuesday, April 23
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