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Digital Dervish & Flamenco Sonic

Saturday, May 7

A Multimedia Performance Work by Hedy Hurban

The sema of the Dervish blurs the lines between dance and meditation while symbolically expressing the formation of the universe and mans’ transference of love and respect to God. This ritual turning practice of
the Mevlevi Sufi Order dates back to the 13th century to Muhammed Celaleddin better known as Mevlana. The duende is the expression of the soul for a Flamenco dancer- a flame that is provoked when in a state of ecstatic movement.
Duende is not a tangible concept but one that is felt throughout the body and conveyed through passionate and striking movements.

Digital Dervish and Flamenco Sonic is a story about a Dervish who is in a dream and wakes up to birds and the sounds of nature – he begins to meditate and perform his Sema. He becomes enveloped in a storm of chaos as he whirls wildly and then collapses where he becomes dormant again. A Flamenco dancer notices and begins to move in similar patterns attempting to awaken him. They exchange their sounds and movements until they become intertwined in whirling. This is a story about landscape, earth, love and life
that encompasses music, imagery and physical movement. The movements and gestures which are specific to these dance traditions are being highlighted and augmented with an original wearable device called a Sound Drop. The Sound Drop is a small device that is attached to the body via a strap on the wrist or ankle. It is designed to track certain movements from the performer to which sounds and LED lights are mapped. The dancer uses the device as an extension of the body- a musical instrument that can provide layers to the separate pre-recorded music composition.

Dervish performance followed by Q&A.

Inspired by the Dervish, the award winning Hedgerow Hound will offer a vegan Turkish Mezze Bowl post performance. To pre-book your meal, select the ‘Performance + Hedgerow Hound Turkish Mezze Bowl’ ticket below. A small number will be available to purchase on the night but we recommend pre-booking to avoid disappointment.

Turkish Mezze Bowl: Shakshuka Sauce, Chikin Shish Kebab, Herbed Bulgar Vermicelli, Muhammara, Fava Smokey Garlic Hummus, Olives, Pomegranate, Vg Feta & Mixed Salads with bread on the side.

Allergens include: Gluten, Celery, Soy, Sesame & Walnuts. For specific dietary requests, please contact programme@realideas.org.

This food offer will only go ahead if the minimum number of orders are placed in advance. In the event this is not met, those who have pre-booked will receive a refund for the meal only in full.

Performance credits:

Music Composer, Wearable Tech Designer and Choreographer:
Hedy Hurban

Filmmaker and Production Designer: Kaz Rahman

Flamenco Dancer and choreography: Mercedes Romero

Dervish: Mayez Rahman

Visual Effects Editor: Baris Çelik.


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