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Comedy Night with A Press of Suspects

Friday, June 3

Comedy Night at the Lord High Admiral Pub, Stonehouse, featuring local talent.

A Press of Suspects {presents} aims to put on events which enrich and entertain. They incorporate a variety of viewpoints and diverse voices.

In keeping with the theme of the festival they have curated a line up of individuals with a distinct flavour/story to tell:

Sarita Hunt: A born and bred Cornish maid, her comedy is based on her intriguing journey of a life filled with extreme highs and lows. She will show you the lighter side of some dark life experiences, exposing the fascinating world of being a transgender woman in a small town.

Ems Coombes: A lady with little filter and big energy. Ems had a stroke and brain haemorrhage at 17 and has been (in her words) “ducking awesome since then”. Funny and fearsome.

Robin Marsipan: Burst onto the scene this year, a fireball of energy, ripping into the hypocrisies and not holding back. Deffo one to watch.

Willtordian Ballorian Edwardian: A nonsensical absurdist fun filled owl based experience. Expect some chaos and occasional loop pedal samples. And maybe a play. Or mind reading trick. Who knows…

Christian Russell-Pollock: A truly gifted MC and comic, noting the quirks of Plymouth and reading a room with utter skill and panache.

Following on from our Lost Time Pilot Festival in March 2021, WonderZoo will be creating a second Pilot Festival called Storyteller, in the first week of June 2022.

With funding from Plymouth Octopus Project, there will be 11 events over 5 days.

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