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Challenge Accepted 4 Day Intensive

Friday, October 22

Challenge Accepted is a chance to re-imagine a public space in Plymouth using movement, projection, lighting and sound. The result will be a multi media installation and live performance and we want to make it with you.

MakeAmplify are an award-winning collective of artists and technologists working are looking for local creatives and enthusiastic first timers to create something new, and unexpected, together.

We will be working indoors and outdoors, weird and long hours, and try things we’ve never done, with people we’ve never met and all in about 72 hours. We expect it to be as bonkers and satisfying as it is exhausting! Enthusiasm, open mindedness and teamwork counts more than skills and experience, and we are really interested to work with as wide a range of people as possible

***What will we create?***
A one of a kind spectacle at Prime Skatepark, featuring live performers, projection wizardry and a brilliant soundtrack – all made by an amazing cast of talented street sport athletes, dancers, filmmakers and digital creatives.

***Requirements of participation***
Suitable for ages 16+
An interest in street sport athletes, dancers, filmmakers and/or digital creatives (after you have booked you will be emailed to ask you to detail what ideas you will bring to the project).This intensive will be hard work, with long days but incredibly rewarding and fun.

We are asking participants to be able to commit to the project on all dates (as below), but we understand life can get in the way, and we really want to help you to join us if you want to, so if you have any questions please have a chat with Suzie by emailing suzie@barbicantheatre.co.uk

These are the days and times of when our project will be happening
Thursday 21 October 6pm – 10pm
Friday 22 October 1pm – 11pm
Saturday 23 October 1pm – 11pm
Sunday 24 October 12pm – 9pm (including final performances at Prime Skatepark)

***How much does it cost to join in?***
£20 for the entire weekend intensive (£5 per day or just 60p an hour!)

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