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Biodiversity Collage: Learn about the value and erosion of biodiversity!

Saturday, October 1

The Biodiversity Collage is a science-based, fun and collaborative workshop to raise awareness of the issues surrounding biodiversity.

During this workshop, you will discover the functioning of ecosystems, the role of biodiversity for humanity, the interactions with human activities and the threats linked to its erosion. The Biodiversity Collage is based on the IPBES report and helps you take a systems perspective on bioiversity pressure points, consequences and system resilience.

Duration 3 hours:
-15 min Presentation of the concept + Icebreaker
-30 min Appetiser to understand the mechanism of ecosystems
-75 min Biodiversity collage with 5 sets of 40 cards
-30 min of creativity to personalise and bring out emotions
-30 min of recap & debriefing & exchange
Pease arrive no later than 13:20 for the workshop. 

Community Climate Centre – 67 New George St

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