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ARTstrology with MystycMon – 1:1 readings

Sunday, August 20

Children’s reading
This beneficial reading is to help understanding your child’s journey, innate talents, creativity, and character. This reading can be useful for suggestions for schooling, sports, and other activities. This reading is suitable for newborn baby to teenage years. This reading is particularly useful (but not exclusive to) when:

  • your baby is born and you would like to know about the baby’s character (great Christening present)
  • starting school / choosing subjects
  • would like to choose an after-school activity
  • choose / continuing a hobby/sport
  • having some issues (food, sleep, being shy, tantrums, focus etc. astrological remedies are offered)

I developed a special reading that is unique to artists. This reading is to help you to pinpoint your karmic path, “Your Plan”; and “The Universe Plan” for you. Your strengths, possible blockages, even down to the fine details of what kind of projects should you embark on – they can all be found in your birth chart.

This reading can help you (but not exclusive to):

You would like to grow your creative practice
You feel that there is a change looming in your career, but are not sure which path to take
You would like to change your creative passion into a profession
You have a creative practice you love, but don’t seem to attract success
You would like to start your own business, but you are unsure about your brand identity
You would like to understand your relationship with money
You would like to release blockages and fears, so you can become who you truly meant to be
You would like to know which are the best facets of your creativity / business to focus on?
You have had enough of being paid in “likes”
What to bring?

Exact time (if you have it), date, place of birth; Phone or tablet, pen/paper for recording / notetaking

Introductory prices until the 3rd September!

~ Children’s reading (30 mins)

~ Artist Astrology Activation (60 mins)

Note: (you don’t need any previous knowledge of astrology or art to partake/enjoy these sessions)

Please choose the right spot while booking:

30 min for Children’s reading

60 min for Artist’s reading


Get tickets here.

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