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5G and the Creative Industries: Production and Distribution

As part of its mission to ensure the UK is at the forefront of global 5G development, UK5G, has developed a series of online events to explore how 5G could hold the key for the creative industries in developing new ways to connect with audiences.

The UK’s Creative Industries are not only considered to be among the world’s very best, they’re also essential to the UK economy; in 2019 alone, they contributed £115.9bn of value. But with rising expectations, shrinking budgets and the need to embrace more sustainable work practices and engage with diverse audiences, the Creative Industries need to explore new and innovative ways to deliver engaging content and experiences. 5G could be the answer.

By signing up to these sessions, you will learn more about how 5G could benefit your business and gain insights into how you can harness this potential by hearing more from innovative organisations who have already trialled and deployed 5G.

5G and the Creative Industries: Production and Distribution Sign up to explore how 5G networks have the potential to transform the production, distribution and broadcast of content from sports, news and documentaries through to big-budget films. Co-hosted by Immerse UK.

Upcoming events

Monday, May 27
Untitled design (2)
A special two hour event after hours that allows families and people with autism and other sensory needs to enjoy our exhibits without the noise and distraction.
Tuesday, May 28
Untitled (1000 × 800 px) (87)
A major touring exhibition exploring South Asian miniature paintings.
Thursday, May 30
At The Box Plymouth this winter season
Thursday, May 30
Sea Shanties and Pasties! (1)
A heady mix of cutting-edge performances showcasing spontaneity, poetic visions, absurd electronics, fetish, grief and embodied expressions of resistance.

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