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Buy orlistat uk.com HELP US SPREAD THE WORD If you like the video/articles, please share/comment! You are not allowed to charge money in order leave comments! A U.N. report alleges U.S. support for terrorism in Central America as part of a "global security strategy for the next twenty years." Washington Post published the report, written by Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions, João Goulart. Below is an excerpt from the report regarding U.S.: Article 1 states that "the United will support the transition to a regional security system." This sentence was not in the original draft of report. U.S. has provided military assistance to the governments of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Colombia, the Special Rapporteur finds, because these governments Buy metformin online pharmacy constitute "part of a regional security system." If the term "security" were used in Article 2, it would include regional security systems that do not directly threaten the United States. States claims regional security systems include, but are not limited to, Honduras, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama, but all of these governments have been the subject of credible allegations involvement in serious human rights abuses and torture. Article 3 states that U.S. policy regarding the drug war will continue, because the U.S. government "has strong preferences concerning the outcome of drug war." report also claims that the U.S. uses drug war to undermine "traditional democracy." The report also claims U.S. supports "the rule of law and democratic progress in Central American countries." While support for democracy is "a central commitment," the United States considers such a commitment "inadequate to promote the rule of law and democracy." While the United States supports a regional security system, Article 4 describes a "new security strategy for the next twenty years." United States has a clear strategic objective — to dominate Central America, the same strategy that has helped to justify U.S. support for the regime of Pinochet in Chile, the brutal dictatorships El Salvador and Guatemala, the military dictatorship in Honduras. report states that "the most urgent challenge" facing the region is "substantial increase in human trafficking through Central America, as well drug trafficking, organized crime, regional armed conflict, and other threats." As in prior U.N. reports, the report is not designed to be informative. It is, above all, intended as a political hit piece. It details U.S. actions in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala — "some of the most violent, corrupt, and corrupt nations in the world." It accuses United States of "violating the human rights Hondurans and Guatemalaan citizens, promoting human rights violations, and undermining security stability." The report concludes that United States "engages in systematic human rights violations Central America through its support for or complicity in these countries' human rights violations, including its military assistance" and "continuing to operate the detention center at Guantanamo." We need to remind our elected officials of the consequences voting in favor of the U.S. government's agenda. government is not just seeking to rule the world. It is also engaged in a global military strategy intended to dominate Central America. The implications are very far reaching. While the United States claims "interventionist strategies" to fight terrorism, we must also ask why U.S. military advisors, money, and weapons are used to support right-wing dictatorships that also Orlistat 60mg $133.21 - $1.11 Per pill commit horrendous human rights abuses. In short, we must ask the U.S. government why it continues supporting criminal regimes buy orlistat online uk that are the very embodiment of imperialism, repression, and human rights abuse. The answer is obvious and disturbing: because the policies are in best interest of U.S. economic and political dominance power. This piece orlistat online pharmacy uk was posted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative blog on Monday July 16, 2009. http://www.aei.org/blog/news-detail.aspx?newsid=857 http://www.theindependentaustralian.com/article313799.ece/45c9e/t/the-ussr-founds-climbing-out-of-its-world-dominance-hole-on-human-rights Last chapter, we learned about the existence of a very common method for generating pseudo random numbers. Now, we are going to see the way it was implemented. In pseudo-random number generators, all elements of the PRNG are pseudo-random numbers of a certain size; this size (and hence, the sequence of numbers), is known as the seed, and is set by the parameters of PR.

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