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Read about Plymouth Music Zone’s brand new ‘Open Zone’, a whole range of weekly music activities which really do offer something for everyone.

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If you’re a regular reader of Made In Plymouth you probably saw a previous piece by Plymouth Music Zone’s Executive Director Debbie Geraghty. Debbie served up a delicious little slice (or even a whole dishful) of what the Devonport based community music charity gets up to and how every day she sees the transforming effects of music on people’s lives.

PMZ (pronounced PM’Zed’, never ‘Zee’) is probably best known for the challenging work it does in areas of the community like residential homes, dementia care units, mental health units, special schools and a domestic abuse refuge – to name but a few. But the charity firmly believes that music-making is for everyone, no matter what age, ability, culture or belief. So while music leaders are going out to some of the most vulnerable people in the city, PMZ’s also delighted to be extending what they do even further by launching their brand new ‘Open Zone’.

PMZ’s Open Zone means that they’re now offering a whole range of new weekly music activities to bring even more people into the wild and wonderful world of music. From world drumming to a digital orchestra, or a young people’s band to a community choir for carers, PMZ aims to provide something for everyone. As well as weekly sessions there are special projects, performances and events that people can get involved with, bringing them all together from both Open Zone sessions and existing groups from the charity’s wider work.

So now, as well as having extraordinary musical experiences people will also have the chance to widen their social experiences in the context of all the huge range of people who come through PMZ’s doors. PMZ is all about serving up a deliciously tasty atmosphere of kindness, creativity, happiness and all round gorgeousness. Community cohesion with musical icing on top. So go fill ya’ boots!

You can find out more about PMZ’s new Open Zone by ringing 01752 213690.

If you’d like to show your support for music making a difference, you can click here to donate online.