The Play that Goes Wrong

The Play that goes wrong at Theatre Royal. Promo image

‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ at Theatre Royal. Promotional image

The Theatre Royal has brought an absolute gem to the city with this murder mystery gone wrong. It is everything that is good about comedy theatre; conjuring up your inner 10 year old with timeless humour perfectly executed, no pun intended!

A classic murder mystery set greets you as you take your seats. Burgundy swags, gilt edging and the, oh so familiar, study scene. But before the lights go down, the audience murmur is interrupted and you’re welcomed to the play by a chaotic preamble of heavily accented ‘Stage crew’ tromping around the auditorium and calling for the patrons to “check under their seats” for a missing dog and return the Duran Duran CD box set. Swiftly followed by those same stage hands making some last minute ‘alterations’ to the set involving dodgy doors, trip hazards, wonky shelves and general slapstick shenanigans, and yes I used the word shenanigans on purpose because there is no better word to describe the chaotic hilarity of this show.

Raucous laughter rocked the auditorium throughout and even in the ‘serious’ moments you could hear titters and sniggers in anticipation of the next calamity. You roll from one disastrous event to the next, cringing at the inevitable but unable to stop yourself from laughing out loud when it happens.

The ensemble cast play beautifully together, and the on set chemistry is perfection, each disaster is so perfectly choreographed and executed that you could swear it was happening freefall. It would be impossible to pull any one of them out as the lead, but I would like to give special recognition to Jonathan Harris as the dear departed Charles Haversham who was hands down the most hilarious corpse I have ever encountered.


The Play That Goes Wrong runs at the Theatre Royal Plymouth until the 29th July and you would be a stooge to miss it!

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©helenmurray2017 The Play That Goes Wrong UK-Ireland Tour 2017

©helenmurray2017 The Play That Goes Wrong UK-Ireland Tour 2017

©helenmurray2017 The Play That Goes Wrong UK-Ireland Tour 2017