Plymouth College of Art: Breaking Through

Plymouth College of Art

Photo credit Dom Moore

This show celebrates the culmination of the hundreds of students who graduate from the Art College this year and it is an outstanding testament to the skill, tuition and talent of those who have been involved in their education.
The exhibition is huge, covering 3 buildings, 4 floors and encompassing more than 20 exhibition and screening spaces, so go in comfortable shoes prepared to walk!

This is not an ordinary ‘student’ exhibition; the level of professionalism and attention to detail shown both in the work and the display are higher than you may find in many commercial galleries and almost every exhibit was manned by the artist or someone who could explain the work to you. Lecturers who clearly cared about their students glowed and gushed as they walked around crowded rooms pointing out specific works.

It would be impossible to explain the entire exhibition to you because this isn’t simply a room with paintings hung on the wall, this is an entire campus transformed in to a gallery. You must climb stairs and turn corners to find new materials and practices, a labyrinth of creativity laid out in the body of a school. On the lowest level in a darkened room you will find spectacular costume designs and statuesque characters modeling them, there’s a feeling of being in the backstage space of a West End show. You move up the building and through double doors into a bright room brimming with ceramic and glass design pieces; Stunning traditional pottery and blown glass such as Mim Brigham’s spectacular glass slices which are inspired by the cellular structure of grasses and have been selected to exhibit as part of the International Festival of Glass rub shoulders with unique metal work and inspired uses of the material in jewellery design. On and up you find textiles and print, a colourful explosion with designs crossing style and history that would be at home in the V&A or an interior design photoshoot. All of this and you’re still only on the ground floor.

Ceramics PCA Breaking through

Ceramic Work. Credit Dom Moore

Costume design PCA breaking through

Costume design PCA breaking through

Photography, Film, Animation and game design still lay on the floors above you. The level of professionalism throughout those areas is unquestionable as well. Comfortable screening rooms run show reels exhibiting expert filmography skills, avant-garde and more narrative works play with the students on hand to answer any questions you may have. The Animation exhibit contains the most magical sculptures for stop motion work, hand crafted tableaus worthy of Aardman.

There is so much to see, the best advice I can give is that you make your own away around, the show is open until the 22nd June.
You can read more on the website here

Animation work PCA Breaking Through