Naked Six at The Plymouth Hub

By Kate Denkinson

Naked Six: Credit to Naked Six

Naked Six: Credit to Naked Six

Five minutes after “Doors open” I arrived at the Hub to find a confused crowd milling about in the street. A few quick questions informed me that the main act (Temperance Movement) had cancelled due to illness, but the support would still play for those who wished to stay.

Most took the disappointment good-naturedly and, when doors were finally opened, opted to stay and see Naked Six.

The (currently unsigned) two-piece from York, describe themselves as “alternative rock/grunge/schizoid blues with the punk attitude of the 70s”. Formed in 2015, Tom and Seb gave off the vibe of a much larger pub-rock band and, despite barely filling the stage; their sound was immense enough to have even the jaded old rockers at the back nodding along approvingly.

Technically speaking these guys are tight. Every riff is spot-on and Tom’s energy on drums is the pure power behind their performances. Stylistically they owe a (sometimes painfully obvious) debt to bands from Led Zeppelin to Rage Against The Machine. Their single, ‘Can’t Trust The News’ is a riot of de la Rocha-style rap lyrics and expansive guitar riffs, almost custom-designed to shoot them to fame on the festival circuit.

If you are looking to be challenged, or to have your musical tastes expanded, then this is not the band for you. Naked Six’ whole appeal is the tried-n-tested nature of their sound. New listeners who missed out on Grunge can claim these guys as their own and older fans will hear more than enough nostalgic echoes to nod sagely along from the bar. They’re doing something familiar but (something of a rarity) they’re doing it really bloody well.


Credit to Naked Six

‘Red Wave Rising – Plymouth Poppies. Credit Paul Gibbins

Red Wave Rising - Plymouth Poppies. Credit Paul Gibbins

Photo Credit Naked Six

The audience, being mostly long-haul fans of Temperance Movement, averaged about 40 yes old. However, if these guys can get on tour with a younger group, I have no doubt they will draw in the younger crowds just as easily.

Their tour continues around the UK until December 8th and if you’re looking for good, honest pub-rock you could do a lot worse than Naked Six.