Liam Symes


It All Starts Here

Liam Symes is a contemporary painter and resident of the Pipe Studios on the Barbican, Plymouth. Whilst proceeding through his studies, Symes began developing his ideas through painting, consequently engaging more extensively with other painters and finding inspiration from contemporary painters of today.

Following completion of his degree in Fine Art in 2013, Symes decided to continue his practice and explore themes which evoke memory, isolation and serenity; these are some of the ongoing themes present in his work today.

‘It All Starts Here’ is one of the few paintings in which Symes has utilised multiple images to create abstraction and representation, thus conveying a variety of thoughts and emotions.

‘Breaking Point’ is part of an ongoing series which depicts the evolution of space exploration and experimentation. The intention of the series is to portray the historical documentation of the space age by researching various outlets such as factual accounts, film and photography.

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‘It All Starts Here’ by Liam Symes

‘Breaking Point’ by Liam Symes