Land of the Giants: 'Surrender' EP Review


Review by Melissa Wylie


“I first heard this in the summer as I danced barefoot in a pub on the beach. Stick it on, close your eyes, and you’ll be right there with me.”

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Six years on and Land of the Giants are still exploding with energy as they mark this pretty significant milestone. We’ve been kept dancing, jumping (speaking as the person who always pulls a muscle at their gigs) and generally entertained by the talented troop – and they still have more to show us.

Their 3rd EP has been released as they get busy with a post-summer tour, and a new music video is out – are you a fan of gorillas? Life is busy for frontman Andy Quick and the guys but it’s okay – the reason for all the goings-on? The Giants are about to take a 6-month break and they’re not planning to drift away quietly. We’re gutted, but they’ve certainly worked for it.

Being a musician means rarely getting a weekend off, staying on call for the unexpected mid-week gigs and sleeping for much of the day because, well, have you seen the work-out this lot go through on stage? Things tend to get a bit lively. But now it’s time for travelling to be done, a baby Giant to be born and a debut album to be put together.


Surrender is their feel-good, five-track EP, the tune by the same name being my personal favourite. I first heard this in the summer as I danced barefoot in a pub on the beach. Stick it on, close your eyes, and you’ll be right there with me.

Bangkok is (very slightly!) calmer than the rest, sandwiched in the middle to give you a breather. It starts off dark and mysterious, with an oriental sound from the trumpet and trombone before becoming more upbeat. It’s followed by Crazy Lady which will make you do a funny, hip-twisting jig.

After some rigorous testing, I’ve decided that there’s no better place to blare these tracks from than your car speakers. If you’ve had a tough day at work it will sort you right out. If it’s pouring with rain – even better. It’s absolutely worth buying yourself a copy. Do I like it? “Holy funk, I do!”

Land of the Giants playing at The Hub, Plymouth – image credit Shaun Gregson


The band. Image credit – Meg Hope


You’re just in time to catch this. The guys have been busy heading around the country on their Surrender tour, which so far has taken them to London, Exeter, Stroud and Birmingham to name a few spots. It all ends this weekend as they head to the Exchange in Bristol tonight (Friday 9th October), before bringing it home to Plymouth at the Voodoo Lounge tomorrow (Saturday 10th October) The good news is that, at the time of writing, there are still tickets available online for both at The Exchange, Bristol and Voodoo Lounge, Plymouth.

It’s expected to be a big one – it’s the Giant’s final gig for six months. They know how to throw a banging party and leave us all with equally banging heads the next day. Support comes in the form of Moriaty and Echo Town – the latter went down very well recently at Looe Festival.


With all this seriousness of work going on, it’s time to talk about the music video they’ve just released. They’ve clearly had a great time coming up with this – a man (Andy Quick himself) comes across a gorilla on an online dating site. While most of us would swipe left and phone a friend, for this guy it’s love at first sight.

The video has been put together for Holy Funk which is the first track on the EP, but I’m not sure you’ll be paying much attention to the music as we watch a relationship form between man and ape. Andy pulls some of the most comical facial expressions I’ve ever seen, some of which accompany very enthusiastic sex scenes.

Obviously it doesn’t work out between the pair. It wouldn’t be a realistic story at all if it had. Our antagonist heads back to see his friends who weren’t impressed by his catch. Turns out though that getting busy with a gorilla has some unusual side effects…

Despite the break coming up, it’s well-worth following Land of the Giants online where you’ll be kept updated on their comeback (we’re expecting something huge) and their debut album. Andy found the band himself and has been taking the opportunity to reflect on some great years. “Although it’s been hard at times, it’s up there with the most important things I’ve ever done in my life and has been a massive blessing since day one.” Right-on, and congratulations on your next little blessing!