I describe myself as ‘multilingual media type’, mostly because I couldn’t ever chose what to do. After growing up where Alastair Campbell began journalism and working at Hospital Radio Plymouth, lauchpad of Philip Schofield, the future path became clearer and I decided to learn everything I could about media.

After leaving school to go and work in Asia, I succumbed to the capital’s bright lights and spent time in London and Copenhagen copywriting for world champion race drivers and charities, interning at foreign newspapers and working with nonprofit radio. In my spare time, I occasionally studied for a BA in International Relations.

Now back in Plymouth, I’ve put my misspent youth and languages to good use. Rather than being an actor, chef, racing driver or in a band, he chases stories and provides content around the world to these industries as Joe Morel Media. I’m also quite good at sardonic 140 character jobs.