GROW - A young person’s review



Molly reviews the Plymouth Young Contemporary Open exhibition GROW, open from 2 – 9 July at Peninsula Arts and Radiant Gallery

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As a young person, we are constantly surrounded by growth: Our own, society’s, and the pressure it puts on us to grow in a certain way. It is intriguing to see that idea put onto walls from so many peoples’ perspectives, and yet each piece being able to come together to have the same message in one form or another.

Some see growth as only a physical thing that we and society do overtime, while others see it as something we control ourselves and take at our own pace. Some will grow faster than others, which is something we understand over time. We see this through the different art pieces shown in the GROW exhibition.

Looking at the art and seeing the age differences, there is a clear difference that different age groups have different perspectives; the younger artists would see growth as something more physical than anything else, while the older artists view it as a broader spectrum. It could be the way that we have built our homes over time, or the way that we heal ourselves from heartbreak. In the end, all these things make us grow into a different person with new ideas.

Plymouth Young Contemporary Open is a bi-annual event which showcases the talent of children and young people in diverse contemporary art forms, including photography, installation, sculpture, performance and film. The current exhibition features a selection of work from artists and creative producers aged 4 – 30 in response to the theme GROW.

Plymouth Young Contemporary Open is a partnership between Peninsula Arts at Plymouth University and Effervescent, with associated partners Plymouth Culture, Radiant Gallery, Plymouth History Centre, Karst, Ocean Studios, Plymouth Arts Centre and Plymouth College of Art.