Gallery On The Hoe and Plymouth Hoe Art Fair


Artist Liane Hocking shares her inside knowledge of the Gallery On The Hoe and Plymouth Hoe Art Fair.

Plymouth Hoe Art Fair started in April 2015 and came into being to give local artists a place to exhibit and sell their work. Using the Colonnades beside The Lido to frame the artwork, it became a place to visit on a Sunday throughout the summer (weather permitting, of course)! This will continue throughout the summer of 2016.

In the spring of 2015 I met one of the organisers of the Art Fair. Having just finished my first art pieces for many years after raising my family, I decided to take a look at the work on display to see if I felt confident enough to show my own work in public. The organisers and artists are great group of people, all so welcoming, enthusiastic and full of praise for what I had achieved so far, and the next week I was there with them. I was given a colonnade space, a wooden frame to hang my work on and lots of encouragement. Some cold, windy Sundays on the Hoe, wrapped up for winter (although it was spring or even summer), could have put many people off, but us artists are hardy souls. A few artists came and went but the core group continued to thrive and are looking forward to welcoming more artists this summer. Anyone wishing to find out more about the Hoe Art Fair can contact myself or Glyn White, the co-ordinators for 2016, through the Gallery on the Hoe.

The Gallery on the Hoe is run by a co-operative of 21 local artists who all live within 20 miles of Plymouth Hoe. They share the rent and the manning of the Gallery so that their art work can be seen and bought in this iconic area of Plymouth. Luckily for me a space came up in the Gallery and I was asked to exhibit my work there as well as at the Fair. As a gallery we are becoming a great place to visit, and as a group of like minded people we are becoming a great band of friends. Situated below the thriving El Cafe and with beautiful views over Plymouth Sound, it’s a great place to be. Every two months we change the display around, moving to a new space and changing the work if we want. As we operate as a co-operative, we don’t have massive overheads so. The asking price for the work is what the artist receives, which good for the artists and the clients.

Gallery On The Hoe. Credit: Christopher Summerfield – Photo TV Media

Painting in the gallery. Credit: Christopher Summerfield – Photo TV Media

Recently challenges have been set from one artist to another. These include painting with a large brush if their usual style is with a small one or vice versa, using a limited colour palette is coming soon and I’m sure others will be thought of. When the weather is fine the artist on duty can often be found outside working on their latest masterpiece, helping to attract attention to the Gallery on the Hoe and at other times you can probably find someone painting, drawing or feltmaking inside too. We have Acrylic, Watercolour and Oil paintings on display, Felt and other fabrics, Paper art, all in many different styles. We like to think there’s something for everyone, come and pay us a visit!

Plymouth Hoe Art Fair. Credit: Christopher Summerfield – Photo TV Media

Artists at work overlooking Plymouth Sound. Credit: Christopher Summerfield – Photo TV Media