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Fast and Funny’s Artistic Director Alex Ogando tells us about this comic theatre company and how you can get involved.

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What is Fast and Funny?

Fast and Funny is a brand new theatre company born in Plymouth which specialises in finding the humour in the world around us. Our aim is to create edgy new shows where sketch style comedy and traditional theatre collides, resulting in a mash up of coherent moments that explore the real, the weird and the downright ridiculous! We truly believe that laughter is the answer to most of life’s worries, and that comedy is the best lens through which to comment on the world we live in. Our shows are shaped to allow you to escape from your daily woes and invite you to explore the very depths of your imagination.

Who are we?

The company is currently made up of 9 people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and this means that each individual brings their own unique skill sets and experiences that help to bring our shows together! We are a mixture of both professional and non-professional actors, writers and theatre-makers. Some have ample experience previously in the world of theatre and others had none prior to joining the company – the key to our successful collaboration is that we all share a collective willingness to just get up and give things a go!

Fast and Funny presented ‘50 Minutes of Madness’ this August in the Theatre Royal Lab Space – what was it about?

50 Minutes of Madness does exactly what it says on the tin! We approached this show with the shared vision of it being something and nothing all at once. You can choose to look beneath the narrative presented and find the complexity of each moment or choose to just sit back and enjoy it for what it is! Our inspiration comes from closely observing the world around us, and saying yes to those “could you imagine if that actually happened” thoughts that you discuss over a pint with your friends! This show exaggerates and contorts life’s mundane moments, as well as exposes our weaknesses, disasters and darkest thoughts.

Can I get involved?

We are extremely excited about the work we are making and we want as many people as possible to get involved; you can do that in a variety of ways. Firstly come and see our shows! We intend on making our shows as relaxed and enjoyable as possible and welcome everyone to come and experience our work. Look out for 50 Minutes of Madness being performed at venues near you, and get yourself a ticket before we sell out! Secondly, are you the kind of person that has your mates in stitches when you tell stories? Or do you watch great comedy shows and wish that you could do that too? Would you like to make your hilarious thoughts a reality? If so, we want you to join us in making material for our next show! Regardless of prior experience, age or abilities in September we are going to offer a number of people a really exciting opportunity to be part of our creation process, so watch this space as there is more to come…

To keep up to date with our shows, offers and opportunities you can find us online! You can catch us @fastandfunnyuk on social media and find out more via

Don’t be a stranger, please keep in touch and you can email us directly at if we’ve caught your interest.