Even After the Complete Collapse of Civilization There Will Still be Product Placement and Power Ballads

A review of this fantastic exhibition by The Back In 5 Minutes Squad as part of the Plymouth Art Weekender.

Review by Anne Hastings

It’s not often that I walk into an art exhibition and am completely mesmerised, transfixed and blown away by a completely outstanding experience. Unexpectedly, “Even after the complete collapse of civilisation there will still be product placement and power ballards’ transported me to a heady and distorted world. I loved it.

If, like me, you are a child of the 80s/90s, a chunk of your formative years will have probably been invested in weeks of watching sci-fi movies like ‘The Running Man’ and months of Playstation gaming. This exhibition took that whole overblown, over-the-top, post-apocalyptic world and wrapped it around me last night. I stood inside a dark, rubbish-strewn room – shiny metal surfaces took what little light flickered from flashing tv screens and dimly reflected it around the end-of-civilisation landscape. Thunder rumbled overhead. Glitchy video freeze-frames jarred across the broken tv sets.

Suddenly, a large screen burst into life from high above me. “Cause I’m Your Lady” burst from some monumental hidden speakers, drowning out the soundtrack from a female-assassin, Blade Runner-like video game. I was struck – this perfect mesh of uncynical, over-amped power ballad married the slow motion video intro in a perfect dream. Standing alone in this slightly budget, tacky film-set room, thunder rolling overhead and transported into a hyped vision of how I wished all video games would be, all the product placement made sense. This was the dream I had been sold as a child, and how I used to feel watching the movie adverts of my youth.

If another event trumps this exhibition this weekend, I will be astounded. Please go an see this event before it finished on 5pm Sunday!