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Are you into blogging, writing or reviewing? Ellie Woolman has been on a mission to bring Plymouth’s blogging scene together.

Ellie Woolman

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Blogging is revolutionising the way we learn and talk about our lifestyles, culture, fashion – well, everything really! Blogging is a fairly new concept, but the community within Plymouth is growing rapidly. Over the past year I have organised events for bloggers to meet others within the local online community. We meet regularly to network- getting to know each other personally as well as sharing tips and tricks of the blogging trade, usually over a good cup of tea.

As a lover of all things to do with organising, I took it upon myself to arrange the first blogger networking event, which was later christened #PlymouthBlogMeet. I got in touch with my favourite café (RumpusCosy in Derry’s Cross) to host our first event – a haven of Instagram-able china tea cups and cakes, perfect for a group of social-media crazy bloggers. With the help of our delightfully accommodating hosts and some fantastic goody bag contributors, the first Plymouth blogger event was a success.

A buzz was generated across social media as the hashtag #PlymouthBlogMeet began to circulate. Along with some exposure from the local newspaper, even more bloggers from Plymouth contacted me, interested in getting involved too! From this I began organising regular events such as cupcake decorating, summer picnics and festive high teas. With each event, the number of bloggers increased and a really tight-knit local community of bloggers was created. My latest event hosted 40 bloggers at The Orangery, Mount Edgcumbe.

The Plymouth blogging community never fails to amaze me. The growing group is made up of people from massively diverse backgrounds: students, parents, working professionals, performers… the list is endless. Being a blogger is very much like being a superhero: by day, the day job… by night, blogging extraordinaires. They publish such creative content, with blogs ranging from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, the arts, parenting, travel and even tea! The majority are self-taught in the art of blogging and have learned valued skills such as website creating, photography, editing, SEO and marketing.

#PlymouthBlogMeet at RumpusCosy

Hayley, Ellie and Fiona at The Orangery, credit: Owen Bush

#PlymouthBlogMeet at The Orangery, credit: Owen Bush.

Ellie Woolman speaking at The Orangery, credit: Becca Jane.

During my early teenage years I was very shy and I longed for an outlet of expression for my hobbies, which at the time mainly revolved around the fashion industry. As a young person growing up during the technological age, I revelled in reading ‘blogs’ online. I would check my subscriptions inbox daily for new blog posts about the latest trends and style tips – the world of fashion blogging seemed a million miles away from my teenage life in Plymouth. However in 2012 I finally set up my own blog and it has since become a rather large part of my life.

I’m now eighteen years old and I’ve expanded my blog content from solely fashion to an array of articles about beauty, lifestyle, events and theatre. I use it as an online diary – documenting my favourite memories and interests.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic brands, both local and national, on content for my blog. ‘Lush’ based in Drake’s Circus were the first-movers in terms of reaching out to network with bloggers in Plymouth. Their events, along with others such as ‘Benefit’ and ‘Theatre Royal Plymouth’, drew my attention to the growing number of bloggers emerging in this city.

It’s nice to see bloggers finally being appreciated and taken more seriously for their hard work. With bloggers such as ‘Zoella’ who was named “Most Inspirational Women of the Decade” leading the way, empires are being created that some corporations would only dream of. Brands are waking up to the fact that bloggers are a new era of creatives and have great influential power in this technological age.

Over the last four years I’ve grown massively in confidence, met amazing new people, got my first job at Plymouth arts organisation and owners of RumpusCosy, Effervescent, and have created my own growing enterprise. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for bloggers in Plymouth and to expand my own blog when I start University in September.

If you’d like to get involved with the Plymouth blogging community, please email and follow #PlymouthBlogMeet.