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Community Climate Centre

The Community Climate Centre is a welcoming and collaborative community space to gather and signpost events, activities, people and organisations.

The Community Climate Hub has RELANCHED in Plymouth Atheneaum. Formerly housed in its flagship Centre in the old Waterstones building (New George St), the CCC was one of the first city centre ‘Climate Hubs’ in the world. Covering three beautiful floors at the high street venue to empower people and organisations, as part of Plymouth’s Meanwhile Use scheme.

With community at the centre, we are building a green and thoroughly democratic city.

TO ENGAGE: The Climate Centre will organise and host activities and exhibitions to engage people of as many different backgrounds as possible, with events, workshops, exhibitions, talks, people’s assemblies and, of course, a zero waste shop and vegan café! 

TO EDUCATE: The Climate Centre will provide a range of trustworthy, evidence-based knowledge and accessible resources that can support people, organisations and communities to develop their understanding of the climate crisis. 

TO EMPOWER: The Climate Centre will create and share opportunities to take meaningful and tangible action to address the climate crisis, from reducing emissions and energy use, to transitioning to a circular economy. 

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