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Soapbox Children’s Theatre

The Soapbox Theatre is home to Stiltskin Creative Arts & Theatre Co, founded over 20 years ago by Jacqueline Ball and Iain Slade. The Soapbox Theatre is one of only a handful of theatres in Britain specialising in children’s theatre and producing cultural events designed for children

By weaving together theatre and storytelling, Stiltskin captivate the imaginations of children and their families from 0-15 yrs. Step into the Soapbox Theatre as Iain and Jacqueline create innovative and original theatre shows to take you on a fantastical journey, transporting and immersing you into imaginative lands – full of the extraordinary – with curious creatures, humorous characters and spectacular images.

The Soapbox Theatre has three unique performance areas at their home in Devonport Park; an indoor auditorium and two outdoor theatre spaces; The Spellbound Storytelling Wood and the Soapbox Amphitheatre.

As well as creating unique magical shows, Stiltskin run after school clubs to nurture creativity in every child and young person, believing that theatre, storytelling and creativity is fundamental to the development of children and young people. ‘Through engaging in the extraordinary, we open up children’s worlds and imaginations. By imagining beyond every-day experiences we have the ability to broaden our horizons, build our aspirations and solve problems with creative solutions.’

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