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The Plymouth Podcast with Richard Ward: Ieuan Holt

Plymouth University graduate Iuean Holt has had a piece of artwork accepted by The Royal Academy at his first attempt. Dick Wilbur chats to him in Episode Three of the Plymouth Podcast.

Ieuan recently graduated from the University of Plymouth, gaining a first class degree with honours in English and Creative Writing. However it is with his collection of abstract and free form artwork that he is making an impact both locally and nationally.

Starting with some watercolour paints donated by his grandmother, he very swiftly established a unique style leading to a piece being accepted by The Royal Academy at his first attempt.

His canvases are magnificent. I saw seascapes, naval battles, tranquil horizons – seemingly visible only to me – within the bold stroke acrylics that Ieuan curates in sometimes strong, sometimes subtle lines that he has moved around the fabric. His style, eclectic and mesmerising has been recognised as a unique visual patina that has led to six different South West galleries exhibiting his work over the last year. In this episode of The Plymouth Podcast for Made in Plymouth you will hear about some of the unique tools that Ieuan uses to create his eye-catching pieces.

You can see examples of Ieuan’s work on his Instagram account: @painting_from_the_loam


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