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Mallory Haas

Meet our second Community Reporter, Mallory Haas. Mallory is a maritime archaeologist who is originally from the Great Lakes in the US.

We are delighted to have taken on two brand new reporters at Made in Plymouth. They’ll be out there searching for stories, reviewing everything from art exhibitions, to dance shows, workshops to live music. If you have a story then they’d love to hear from you too! Just get in touch with us via our social media channels or on our website contact page.

Meet our second Made in Plymouth Community Reporter, Mallory Haas. Mallory is a maritime archaeologist who is originally from the Great Lakes in the US. Mallory came to Plymouth to work for a US research foundation, she fell in love with the sea and Plymouth’s history so decided to make it her home. 

Mallory started working with the SHIPS Project in 2013 and is now a director and chief archaeologist for the Project.

A recent venture is The 1000 Tyres Project, which came about while looking for shipwrecks with the University of Plymouth Hydrography school, while searching we found thousands of tyres on the seabed in Plymouth Sound. The 1000 Tyres Project aims to help clean up Plymouth Sound National Marine Park by removing tyres and other abandoned junk, and Mallory leads this first environmental initiative by the SHIPS Project.

Recently Mallory has started working as a heritage consultant for TV and media, developing and leading investigations on many shipwreck projects in the UK and USA.  Most recently, she has been the archaeological advisor to the TV series ‘Ross Kemp Treasure Hunter’, she is now working on season 2 of the series which is partially filmed in Plymouth.  

Mallory has also been working with renowned photographer Chris Parkes to explore different ways to photograph shipwreck finds outside the normal, academic setting and place the objects back in a living environment. This project has been successful in reaching a larger audience using art and archaeology as a way to create an interest in science, history and the arts. 

Mallory collaborated with Mohini Chandra at the Plymouth College of Art on a project called ‘Paradise Lost’ which also brought maritime heritage to a wider audience through art.  The piece looked at material culture connected to indentureship and slavery to help interpret inconvenient truths about past human actions.  Mohini and Mallory’s latest collaboration is a short film called Tall Tales and Wonder Rooms, Moving image 2022. This film explores curiosity about the hundreds of shipwrecks that ended up in Plymouth Sound, the divers who have discovered them, and the material recovered from them. 

Mallory is an adviser on maritime heritage for the Port of Plymouth Maritime Liaison Committee (PPMLC) and also sits on the board of IMASS, the organising committee for the International Shipwreck Conference, she is a tutor for The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) and is the treasurer for the Protected Wreck Association of Licensees.  Mallory is a commercial diver, boat skipper and has been trained as a Scientific Recovery Expert with the US Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency.

Mallory recreates archaeological pottery objects found on land within Devon and Cornwall, working alongside master potter Angie Fogarty Wickenden for the past few years doing experimental archaeology but looking at the production style artistically. 

Mallory is amazed at the depth of history, culture and artistic community that live and thrive in Plymouth. “There is nowhere else in the world I could dive a wreck from the 1600s in the morning, work with artists on prehistoric pottery in the afternoon, and have fresh seafood for dinner next to an Elizabethan harbour.”

Besides writing for Made in Plymouth, Mallory is kept busy running The SHIPS Project CIC day-to-day operations.  She is looking very forward to working with the team at Made in Plymouth and discovering more of Plymouth’s culture and artistic community. 

Meet our second Community Reporter, Mallory Haas. Mallory is a maritime archaeologist who is originally from the Great Lakes in the US.
Meet our second Community Reporter, Mallory Haas. Mallory is a maritime archaeologist who is originally from the Great Lakes in the US.


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