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Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi

Kosi is one of Made in Plymouth’s newest Community Reporters. Here he tells us about his life and how he has settled into living in Plymouth following a childhood in Nigeria.

My name is Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi, I am 28 years old, and I currently work as a project manager and a Made in Plymouth Community Reporter amongst a few others. I have a strong passion for fitness which has led me to creating and sharing fitness contents on my social media platforms. 

Through my work as a Community Reporter for Made in Plymouth, I hope to promote the diversity within the city whilst strategically still fostering unity amongst these diverse communities, which in turn will bring more growth to the city. The city of Plymouth has continued to evolve and modernise since having moved here so, promoting the growth thus far will only bring about the much-needed further growth to help sustain it. 

My inspiration comes from my environment back home (Nigeria) and bigger cities I have experienced in the UK. From that I can see the potential that Plymouth has to rapidly grow and be more active like these bigger cities; growth that will cater to the growing diverse groups and encourage unity amongst them. 

I am based in Plymouth because I have several entrepreneurial investments I want to make here. The beautiful scenery and peaceful setting of the city is also another reason why I am currently based here as it gives me the opportunity to work and plan effectively. 

A spiritual, cultural and academic path is what has led me to this point with the Winners’ Chapel International Plymouth and, the University of Plymouth being two pivotal organisations that have been crucial in my journey thus far.

I hope to be part of those who would actively keep developing the city of Plymouth and fostering unity amongst the diverse groups by constantly celebrating diversity.  Plymouth is a city with the potential to be more touristic and industrially vibrant as the bigger cities, without losing its beauty and peace the location is naturally gifted with. With the current influx of immigrants into the UK and Plymouth in particular, there will continue to be growth in diverse needs. The proper management of these demands and how they are catered for will make the evolution of the city and endless cycle.

I like to eat in much but when I feel like going out for a meal, turtle bay and las iguanas are great locations I like to visit as it seems like I am almost getting everything in one location- good food, drinks and great music.

To engage, find me on facebook- KC Leo Ugonabo Ezenyi

Instagram- @_sonofgrace__


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