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‘We See You’ An exhibition celebrating art at the ‘Enabled Children’s School’, Afghanistan

Believing that shared art is woven into the fabric of the rich tapestry that is community, the Enabled Children Initiative has made visible and shared the voice, creativity and ability of eight children with disabilities living in Kabul, Afghanistan by publishing the book ‘Look. I’ve Done it!’ A celebration of art at the Enabled Children School, Afghanistan.

Sharing this belief, Leadworks, a local community hub celebrating difference and connection in the heart of Plymouth, has readily agreed to exhibit the art and words within the book. In so doing, it offers those who visit the exhibition a unique glimpse into and a deeper affinity with another geographically far distant community.

The chosen title of the exhibition, ‘We See You’ responds directly to the generosity of the children in Kabul who agreed to share their art and the meaning they attach to it with distant strangers living very different lives.

In turn, two local communities, Plymouth University and the Torbay Medical Tuition Service, were invited to share their own response to the book through poetry. The often intimate and deeply personal poems from their students (and others linked to the two institutions) are written through the lens of the authors’ lived experience, insight and imagination. In willingly sharing these poems at the exhibition, they too enrich and weave together the fabric of community, within and far beyond Devon.

Facilitator of the exhibition here in the UK, who worked closely with the team at Leadworks, Sarah Green, said: “There are numerous layers of community that Leadworks has brought together through the exhibition, from the global, to institutional (Plymouth University and the Torbay Medical Service), to the individual (students). What won’t come through in the exhibition is the impact of this process on two particular students. One, from Plymouth University, is now committed to bringing together a poetry book focusing on disability. A second student who’s been unwell has decided that their life has purpose – to write poetry. This all due to Leadworks.”

For further information contact Leadworks at:
together@leadworksprojects.com or 01752 223311

We See You’
An exhibition celebrating art at the ‘Enabled Children’s School’, Afghanistan at Leadworks, 170 Rendle Street, Plymouth,


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