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The Soapbox Theatre’s spring and summer programme

The Soapbox Theatre, based in Plymouth’s Devonport Park, have launched their action packed programme of theatre and family events right through to June 2023! They are kicking off 2023 by telling tales of the Vikings in Plymouth, followed by a brand new immersive baby and toddler theatre show.

Then join them throughout the year to delve into the world of fairies and goblins at their family festivals and be part of magical storytelling events in their magical spellbound woods!

Take a look below at what’s on this year and be part of the magic…

The Vikings,  25th February – 5th March, (Recommended 5 years+)

Delve into the Thrilling, Perilous and Mythological world of the Vikings and their ventures up the River Tamar. 

Two storytellers Turf and Clod weave the tales of Valhalla and Valkyries, visiting Plymouth and the Royal Mint at Lydford. Enjoy the Viking Myths of Frost Giants, Colossal Cows, and the World Serpent – Jormungandr. The performance is a fun frolic through historical facts and fiction and is suitable for 5 years plus.

The Magic Box, 25th March – 22nd April, (For babies, waddlers and toddlers)

A fully immersive theatre experience for babies and toddlers with beautiful characters, lighting, sound, bubbles and puppets. 

When the lights go off in the playroom, the toys and the Magic Box come alive. This experience is full of fun, mystery and magic and is an ideal introduction to theatre. Little people and their parents can expect their imaginations to run wild!

Twilight Tales, Taking place all throughout the year (All the family)

Kickstarting on Friday the 17th of February at 6pm, join Jacqueline, the resident author and storyteller for toast, jam, hot chocolate and a great story. What better way to end the week? Bring the kids along dressed in pyjamas and be ready for a beautiful storytelling performance that will leave them ready to roll into bed when you get home. 

Story Stomps, Taking place throughout the year (2-4 yrs)

With the first story stomp commencing from 10:30- 12pm on Friday the 17th of March, enjoy arts, drama and storytelling for pre-school children inspired by the environment.

A fun and accessible, child centred natural play session aimed at developing communication, confidence and social interaction. Come for an adventure in the theatre’s Spellbound Woods with your little ones, and finish with a story from our resident storyteller Jacqueline. In whatever the weather there is plenty of fun to be had. Recommended for aged 2-4 year olds with little siblings also welcome!

The Dino – Saw Show, 13th May – 10th June (Recommended for the under 8’s) 

Delve into the world of dinosaurs with baby Dino, meeting friends big and small in this relaxing and immersive theatre performance recommended for the under 8’s. 

The Spellbound Fairy & Goblin Festival, 20th – 21st May (For all the family

Fairies and Goblins get your wings at the ready for this year’s enchanting Spellbound Fairy and Goblin Arts Festival. 

With storytelling performances, live theatre productions, arts and crafts with some great local bands. Come dressed to impress in your best fairy and goblin outfits, adults and children alike! 

The festival is based in and around The Soapbox Children’s Theatre in the beautiful Devonport Park, Plymouth. The majority of activities take place under cover, either in the theatre or in one of the many tents dotted around the site. So you can enjoy yourself rain or shine!

Macbeth (For Kids), 13th May – 10th June (Recommended 6 years +)

Discover the wonderful world of Shakespeare and join characters Chop and Block as they tell the story of Macbeth with a supporting cast of potatoes, socks and frying pans. An ideal introduction to Shakespeare for kids of all ages!

Chop and Block, two endearing Elizabethan fools are gaolers in the Tower of London. Chop has huge aspirations to grow his own potato field (the new vegetable brought back from America’s). Block has been cutting deals with the prisoners and is enjoying a bit of the high life, including visiting the theatre to see the new Shakespeare play Macbeth. Join the two as they re-enact the show, with moments from the Shakespearean text, descriptions of what is happening and an amazing supporting cast of potatoes, socks and frying pans, you will discover Shakespeare, the themes, storytelling and characterisation in a relaxed and funny fashion.

Tamara of Dartmoor, 22nd of July onwards (Recommended for all the family)

The Legend of the Three Rivers, Tamar, Tavy and Taw

Tamara the earth nymph has lived underground all her life, until one day she climbs out and discovers the lush and enchanting land of Dartmoor. During her explorations she meets other intriguing characters of Dartmoor. She is Pixie Led and finds herself in the domain of the giants. Tavy and Taw, two giant brothers fall helplessly in love with her. However, Tamara’s father is not best pleased…

Join Tamara on this promenade performance in the grounds of The Soapbox Theatre. Venture into magical lands where the Unicorn drinks, the treacherous bogs of the Dartmoor Witch and Pixie Led to the land of Giants. We are surrounded by shady trees and the play park is a skip through the bandstand so why not buy a picnic from our café or bring your own and make a day of it?

Wild Tribe Children’s Festival, Saturday 16th September (For all the family)

A fun filled festival that brings arts, science and the environment together in the form of entertainment, workshops and activities for all the family to enjoy. 

Wild Tribe Children’s Festival will pitch up again around the Soapbox Children’s Theatre in September 2023. The festival will include:

  • Family Ceilidh Barn Dance
  • Forest School activities
  • Interactive science fun and games
  • Wild make-overs with Fantasy Faces
  • Storytelling
  • Environmental arts and craft activities
  • Viking shield wall
  • Walk-a-bout entertainment
  • Circus skills
  • Cafe and licenced bar

The festival is based in and around The Soapbox Children’s Theatre in the beautiful Devonport Park, Plymouth. The majority of activities take place under cover, either in the theatre or in one of the many tents dotted around the site. So you can enjoy yourself rain or shine

Find out more at www.stiltskin.org.uk


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