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Spreading Joy this Christmas with Heavenly Angels

This festive season, Plymouth Methodist Central Hall (PMCH) is embarking on a heartwarming project to infuse the city with the spirit of Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The initiative, aptly named “Christmas Angel Project,” involves distributing knitted angels throughout the city to share the love of God and invite the community to join in the celebrations.

Gareth Higgs, Superintendent Minister, at Plymouth Methodist Central Hall said, “We are really excited this year to offer a sign of blessing through our knitted angels. We want them to be a sign of hope and joy to those who see them or may receive them and we trust that it may bring a smile to someone’s face, as well as give them a reason to consider some of the elements of the Christmas story as the Bible tells it. It is wonderful already to see so many people getting onboard and we’d love the number of people we could encourage to multiply further.”

The creative force behind this project is PMCH’s Warm-hearted Knit & Natter group, which meets every Wednesday, the group has already knitted 50 of these adorable angels.

Gill Rolfe from Knit and Natter said, ” We were inspired by a Christmas Angels knitting project that started in 2015, where over 20,000 angels were knitted across the UK to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and share the joy and love of God Christmas. This year we are aiming to give out 1000 angels to the people of Plymouth.”

1000 Angels
Individuals with a passion for knitting are warmly invited to join this initiative and contribute to the cause. Whether you’re an experienced knitter or a novice, the group welcomes everyone to participate. Materials can be provided, or if you have leftover wool, this is the perfect opportunity to put it to good use.

For those interested in joining the effort or collecting materials, the PMCH office is the go-to point for more information. Wool can also be collected on Wednesdays between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm at PMCH.

The aim is to have all the Angels ready to spread their wings throughout the city by mid December. Participants are encouraged to drop off their completed angels at PMCH. The angels will be given out in many locations across Plymouth including the Foodbank Hub in Stonehouse, on the soup run, women’s projects, and the city centre.

To make the project even more accessible, a downloadable pattern is available for those who want to knit angels independently.

If you happen to spot one of these charming angels during your outings, the organisers encourage you to share your discovery on social media, tagging PMCH on Facebook (@Plymouth Methodist Central Hall) or Instagram (@pmch.church).

Project Details:

What You Need:

Wool (in any yarn or colour)
Knitting needles (size 10-8, approximately 3.25mm to 4mm)
Darning needle (a large sewing needle)
Small amount of stuffing

Design: The angel is knitted in sparkly cream *(but you are free to use wool you have at home). A basic knowledge of knit and purl is recommended, but the pattern is designed to be adaptable for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced knitter, feel free to modify the pattern by incorporating different colours or creating larger angels.

Project Aim: To share God’s love and bless the community by placing knitted angels in public spaces and community hubs.

This heartwarming initiative promises to bring joy to the city of Plymouth and create a festive atmosphere that celebrates the true spirit of Christmas. Join us in knitting angels and spreading love throughout the community.

Find out more about the project on our website

Christmas at PMCH
We can’t wait to share Christmas together, here is a list of services and celebrations during December for your diary.

Plymouth Methodist Central Hall
Eastlake Street

Plymouth Methodist Central Hall’s warm-hearted Knit & Natter group, which meets every Wednesday, has knitted 50 adorable angels. Can you help them reach 1000?
Plymouth Methodist Central Hall’s warm-hearted Knit & Natter group, which meets every Wednesday, has knitted 50 adorable angels. Can you help them reach 1000?


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