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Somatic Improvisation Workshop at the Barbican Theatre

Inner Motion Movement are set to host a Somatic Improvisation Workshop at the Barbican Theatre on Castle Street this Sunday 12th November from 4-5pm. This one-off session is an excellent way to meet new people in the Plymouth area, as well as practising mindfulness and experiencing something a little different! This 60-minute interactive workshop will allow you to explore your body in motion through the art forms of dance and movement improvisation, therefore fully immersing yourself in the liberating yet peaceful experience of your body in motion.

Led by yoga teacher and performer Charlotte Eaton, this session is a completely judgement free zone! As well as being an excellent form of fitness, this session is one of many in the Plymouth area encouraging the city’s residents to focus on their mental wellbeing and be in present in the current moment; therefore, having a short escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It also enables like-minded local people to be brought together in a relaxed, sociable setting in the beautiful heart of the Barbican, becoming a potential socialisation prospect for residents of the city – you make even make some new friends!

Inner Motion Movement’s founder and leader Charlotte Eaton spoke about the engaging experience to Made in Plymouth’s Community Reporter Issy Herring. She said: “As we will not work with sequences, routine or set movement, you do not need to worry about whether “you can dance” or not! No memory is required, and you absolutely don’t need any dance experience!”

Eaton also discussed how her love of film photography and somatic movement successfully intertwine: “Improvisation, just like film photography, can produce unexpected results. We might approach a space, or our subject, move around it, try to understand it, work out what is going to come next, and find that the outcome is completely different to what we expected.”

“Entering a space and having a plan is only part of the picture; leaning into the unknown and accepting that the floor is down here, the sky is up there, and whatever happens in between is a product of exploration and consequence allows us to sink into each moment as it unfolds.”

“The pictures in the disposable series will gradually be shared – they’re not perfect, crisp or clean, just like an improvising body. They capture snapshots of moments we weren’t expecting that happen once and one time only.”

Since the launch of dance school Inner Motion Movement in late 2020, Eaton has obtained a PhD in Improvisation and Somatic Movement from Trinity Laban in London. She is a qualified practitioner and yoga teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience under her belt. Additionally, she is also a recognised improvisation expert in the local area and beyond. Eaton is also a dance teacher at The Groovement Project in the city and is a keen film photographer in her spare time. As part of Inner Motion Movement, she also takes part in various performative events in the local area as well as other Somatic Improvisation workshops in other locations in Plymouth city centre including the likes of Oxford House and Plymouth Conservatoire – make sure to keep an eye on Inner Motion Movement’s Instagram page for further information: https://www.instagram.com/innermotionmovement/ 

To receive more information about the Somatic Improvisation Workshop or to answer any further queries you may have, please feel free to send an email to innermotionmovement@gmail.com

To purchase a mobile eTicket for the Somatic Improvisation Workshop this weekend, visit the Eventbrite website here.


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