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Rainbow Aurora Sensory Screening at the Market Hall

Made in Plymouth Reporter, Issy Herring, finds out about a unique opportunity for escape and mindfulness from the modern world at the end of January.

Real Immersive are set to host the Rainbow Aurora Sensory Screening at the Market Hall in Devonport on Sunday 28th January from 10-11am. Created by artist Simon Le Boggit, this 25-minute immersive audio-visual experience will enable you to escape the trials and tribulations of modern life. This relaxing and therapeutic screening (loosely inspired by the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights) will allow you to practice mindfulness and be present in the moment as you witness a beautiful array of multicoloured light strips dance their way around this wonderful state-of-the-art dome venue, accompanied by gentle sounds that follow their every movement. 

As well as being a fantastic weekend trip out for the whole family, this screening is one of the many events happening in the Plymouth area successfully encouraging people to take time out of their busy and often stressful daily routines to practise mindfulness, leading to better mental health for many of the residents. It also promotes inclusivity in the city as this experience would be particularly uplifting for those that have special educational needs and disabilities.  

The Rainbow Aurora Sensory Screening’s creator, artist Simon Le Boggit spoke about this incredible experience. He said: “It made me feel just so lucky and happy to have had the opportunity to create this massive immersive video and witness it touching those young lives… and their parents seemed pretty happy too!” 

Le Boggit also spoke about where his unexpected love and admiration for art sprung from: “During my final year of science-based A levels, I was expected to study an additional non-exam subject – I chose Art as a skive. Tired of having to replicate the umpteenth boring still life, when given the task of painting a chrome kettle I decided to just represent the contorted image in its reflection. The art teacher announced that looking at it made her feel “all tingly”, and my bemused friends seemed to like it too – it seemed like a result to me!”

“Eventually a distinct pattern emerged where for no obvious reason I would suddenly become tremendously listless and down, followed by an eruption of acute arthritic pain and stiffness a day or two later – proof of how arthritic inflammation can directly trigger depression and fatigue. To cut a long story short, after expressing myself (and seeking solace) through a variety of art forms, I have ended up as a multimedia artist spending a lot of my time composing emotional music from nothing more than chaos and repetition and seeking to extend that method into animated video.”

Simon Le Boggit is a multimedia artist, currently residing and working in Lincolnshire. He is mostly influenced by “a fixation about chance, and how random events sculpt our lives, and how chaos and repetition can sometimes feel very much as if they have some level of intentionality about them.” He tends to replicate this inspiration through various forms of artwork, not limited to the creation of abstract or altered visuals and hypnotic videos, just to name a couple.

Le Boggit’s vivid and creative imagination has successfully led his works to be featured in several popular exhibitions and festivals both nationally and internationally in cities such as New York, Seoul, London, Moscow, Stockholm and Edinburgh. In March 2021, he was chosen for the ISCM World New Music Days Festival in Shanghai and Nanning. Le Boggit’s artwork is set to feature in various exhibitions throughout the year. Make sure to keep updated on Simon Le Boggit’s latest creative projects via his website: http://quantumsouporchestra.weebly.com/ 

The Market Hall in Devonport is also set to host other exciting events in the next few weeks. If you arrive between 8-9am at the dome on the day of the Rainbow Aurora screening, you could take part in the yoga inspired Balance Flow. Presented by three incredible instructors, take the time to immerse yourself in this relaxing 1-hour event, leaving you feeling calm and motivated. 

Additionally, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the centre of some of your favourite fruits? On Sunday 4th February at the Market Hall between 10-11am, experience an imaginative sensory screening called ‘Into The Fruit Bowl’. This 25-minute immersive event is sure to take you to another dimension, as a variation of colourful fruits drop around you, enveloping you inside the fruit – a truly unique experience!

To purchase a mobile eTicket to all featured events, visit the Real Immersive website here


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