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Inside the Petrol Headz phenomena

More than 50 professional, semi pro and community performers took part in Petrol Headz this summer – a fired up celebration of street culture and the modified car scene.
Barbican Theatre’s PETROL HEADZ ON TOUR featured sound systems, parkour stunts, modified cars, dancers, DJs and MC battles in a breathtaking display of the vibrancy of street culture.

Watch our behind the scenes video below

As part of PETROL HEADZ ON TOUR there were shows at Thê Depø club including a club night afterparty with platinum selling Charlotte DeVaney headlining and free shows for families at the City Centre Piazza. A high energy show celebrating nightlife, modified cars, street culture and the unique talents that Plymouth has to offer.
Charlotte Devaney

Featuring show cars from around the Plymouth area and with gravity defying stunts from Plymouth Parkour, Petrol Headz draws you into a world of Drum n Bass and DJ battles, dance parties and drift car footage and take you on a journey into our love affair with the modified car scene.

Professional dancers (l-r) Charlotte Eaton, Beryl Tebug and Perry Johnson performing at PETROL HEADZ ON TOUR at Plymouth Piazza 24 July (image credit Greenbeanz Photography) 
Steve Hughes, Chief Executive Plymouth City Centre Company who commissioned the City Centre Piazza PETROL HEADZ events says 
“We are delighted to support this exciting event in the city centre which we hope will attract a new audience and enliven the city centre. The previous show in July drew huge crowds and this extended version looks to be even more packed with energy and entertainment for everyone. It’s definitely something not to be missed.”
PETROL HEADZ is the brainchild of Barbican Theatre’s CEO Laura Kriefman who wanted to bring dance, live music, modified car and street scenes together to create something unique for Plymouth.

“I’ve been obsessed with the artistry of the modified car scene and all the surrounding street culture for years. I love the precision movement displayed by drifters, and speedway riders. I can’t get enough airkit and hydraulics cars and the technical skills behind it. I love the brilliance of the neon underlighting, epic vinyl wrapping and that’s before you add in the soundsystem culture that goes with it!  
I grew up going to Monster Truck shows and steam ups with my mum – it was inevitable that I was going to want to make a show about cars – they’re much more nimble than dockyard cranes! Who wouldn’t want to see immaculately designed cars, amongst kickass dancers and parkour tricksters, all accompanied by some absolute tunes?”  
Dip Demons Nissan 350z modified and customised by Jay Peters (image credit Dom Moore) 

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