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Morag Myerscough and Plymouth Design Forum

Pete Clayton, Made in Plymouth’s Creative Columnist, tells us about Plymouth Design Forum. A community that he believes can’t be beaten for its support, encouragement and inspiration.

It has been many years since I started going to Plymouth Design Forum (PDF) events and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it. In their own words the forum “brings the creative community together to discuss, debate and promote design thinking in Plymouth.” Not only this, but also brings together like minded people from all walks of life, from designers, illustrators, artists and all kinds of creative disciplines in between. The forum has created a thriving and inspirational community here in Plymouth. A community of which I’m very proud to be a part of.

Usually on the last Thursday of every month there is an event or a meet up. Meet ups that have probably taken us to every pub in Plymouth and speaker events that over the years have seen the likes of Marina Willer, Anthony Burrill, Studio Build, Supermundane, Mr Bingo and David Pearson visit our little city. These creative giants are for me quite frankly like the rock stars of our creative industry.

Last night was the turn of the fabulous Morag Myerscough who spoke to a sold out and packed out event at the Barbican Theatre. Morag’s talk was so inspirational and not just from a creative point of view. Her use of vibrant colours, shapes and typography in her installations are beyond epic to say the least. Check out some of Morag’s commissions here. What really struck me beyond Morag’s unique and recognisable style was that she is a very conscientious creative. When collaborating with people and brands she prefers to put her name second, seeing herself as more of an orchestrator of the stories she conveys for communities. Indeed further to this, Morag finds it very important that the elements that make up her work are reused and rehomed so there is no waste. The heart behind her creative self left a lasting impression on me as I carried on my night… more than Morag’s vivid and bold work.

With all the past speakers and especially Morag it’s so nice to see the human side of their personality and practice. Like rock stars, we can hold “idols” in high regard and forget to see them beyond their work and see that they’re just like the rest of us.

After the talk I saw Morag in the bar giving her time to speak to the younger students that came. This is a testament to the lady and also embodies a lot of what I think PDF is about. That being sharing, encouragement and inspiration in an open community aiming to lift one another up and support one another also. Sure, many of us are competitors from a professional view point, but I like to think we’re friends first and that’s what makes the community so strong and welcoming.

If you’d like to get yourself to a PDF event be sure to check out plymouthdesignforum.co.uk and their Instagram page for more information. Hopefully see you there. 2024 is going to be a banger!


Untitled design (29)
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Untitled design (14)
The chosen title of the exhibition, ‘We See You’ responds directly to the generosity of the children in Kabul who agreed to share their art and the meaning they attach to it with distant strangers living very different lives.
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