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Fashion Illustration Workshops at Ocean Studios

Real Art Make Print (RAMP) are hosting a Fashion Illustration Workshop at Ocean Studios in Royal William Yard on Saturday 27th April from 10am-1pm. Made in Plymouth Community Reporter, Issy Herring, went to find out more – and about other events like it.

In collaboration with the Fashion Design students at Arts University Plymouth, this three-hour creative workshop encourages being in the present moment whilst exploring a new creative hobby or even creating your own clothing line. This workshop will teach you how to sketch basic figures with the inclusion of intricate details and textures in various artistic mediums such as ink and collage, leading those in Plymouth on an exciting journey of self-expression and individuality. 

Run by Real Art Make Print (RAMP) at Ocean Studios, this workshop aims to motivate residents to focus on the present by demonstrating their own unique style and creative vision, whilst learning the important fundamentals of fashion illustration. Additionally, it will offer a vital opportunity to network and potentially befriend other local creatives in the area in a supportive yet fun environment.

Real Ideas’ Paisley Ginter spoke about this exciting collaboration. She said: “We are extremely excited to be collaborating with the Arts University Plymouth, BA Fashion Design students for three incredible workshops. We are dedicated to supporting young creatives, students, and graduates on their creative and professional journeys, so we are thrilled to be able to give them a platform to share their expertise. We are proud to support students on their creative journeys and do our best to help in different ways such as providing affordable studios, offering residency programs, creating networking opportunities, and hosting insightful and educational workshops.” 

Ocean Studios at Royal William Yard

Ginter also expressed how vital workshops such as this are for the Plymouth area: “It is vital to us that RAMP hosts inspiring and exciting workshops for creative people as we are dedicated to making the city a place full of arts and culture. At our recent Print in Action panel discussion, we spoke about issues surrounding Plymouth’s arts scene and what we can do to better it, including talking about how we can keep art graduates in the city after their degree instead of them travelling to other bigger cities. RAMP is on a mission to support this, and we are proud to offer creative residencies for students, startups, and graduates. We believe Plymouth can become a leading destination for the arts and creative industries.”

Ginter is not the only person who finds Plymouth a creative hotspot. Arts University Plymouth graduates Eve Jones and Mia Cooper also spoke about why they find the city so inspirational. Jones said: “I studied fashion design at PCA, which provided the start point for my multi-way garments, the staff there were incredibly supportive and encouraging of my unusual design methods and sustainability driven practice. I have also been inspired by longstanding friendship with Abi Schaffer who’s just started Studio PL1. I think the scene in Plymouth is born of a strong community. There are some amazing local business and community initiatives that focus on sustainability.”

Cooper added: “I came to Plymouth to learn fashion design at Plymouth College of Art and a few months ago moved back to the South West. I adore being back here and using the Fashion studio again feels like home. I find inspiration from the people I get to meet and talk to in the studio and feel so lucky to be working in a beautiful space where I can look out across the city and down to the sea. I love being able to create when you are surrounded by so much. I think the fashion scene here is certainly growing and it’s met with independent, small brands and designers which is exciting. I would love to see opportunities grow beyond London and into the SW region and it is starting to feel like we are heading in that direction.”

Real Art Make Print is an arts, crafts, and making community at Ocean Studios situated in Plymouth’s historic Royal William Yard and a proud part of Real Ideas Organisation. They have access to specialist print facilities, creative studios, flexible workspaces, test spaces, and opportunities to learn new skills and develop creative practice through workshops and events, as well as providing affordable studio spaces and engaging workshops for creatives in Plymouth; particularly students, recent graduates, and others to progress in their creative journeys. They also provide specialist platforms for networking, selling, and collaboration, which they have shown through their Print in Action and Native Makers events.  

They also hold monthly Fashion and Textiles socials in collaboration with MINSKI, GORAKA and Make at 140 at Ocean Studios. The next will be held on the 9th May and the next on the 13th June. They also hold monthly Creative Working Lunches – make sure to keep an eye on Ocean Studios’ Instagram page for further information: https://www.instagram.com/ocean_studios/

To purchase a mobile eTicket for any of the featured events, visit the Real Art Make Print website here


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