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Pete Clayton

Pete Clayton gives us a look into his three years working for himself and finds that gems often shine brightest in the dark...
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Three ideas why you should consider delving into the world of animation. From adding a little “je ne sais quoi” to your work to getting more traction on social media to getting more work with higher commission fees.
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Pete Clayton attends Plymouth Design Forum to hear about global branding agency DixonBaxi from Designer Simon Dixon, at the Plymouth Barbican Theatre.
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Pete’s purpose as a multidisciplinary creative and writer is to share his love of what he does and in turn give people an inspiring creative lift. Today he continues his theme of evolving, learning and growing.
Today Pete Clayton discusses taking big step to working for himself - and how that turned into small steps; pivoting...evolving...and blooming.
Pete Clayton, Made in Plymouth's Creative Columnist, shares his experience of 'learning from mistakes'...
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Pete Clayton, Made in Plymouth's Creative Columnist, tells us about Plymouth Design Forum. A community that he believes can't be beaten for its support, encouragement and inspiration.
Pete Clayton is Made in Plymouth’s Creative Columnist today he discusses coming up with ideas and concepts...
Pete Clayton is Made in Plymouth's Creative Columnist. Today he discusses the AI revolution...is it really the revolution it seems?
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Pete Clayton is Made in Plymouth's Creative Columnist; an illustrator, animator and graphic designer based in Plymouth. Here he discusses why 'Comparison is the Thief of Joy'.

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