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Jamie Morrison’s work expresses the beauty often already found within the natural world and the commonly overlooked. He aims to bring this beauty to the viewers’ attention through installation art work. He commonly achieves this by bringing nature into man-made structures for the viewer to enjoy and experience. He has previously constructed a large terrarium room as part of his graduate degree show.

This work utilises the power of the ‘white cube’ gallery space; placing it within nature to frame natural beauty. The installation provides an intimate, personal and biotropic experience of the tree surrounded by the white cube backdrop, in an attempt to alter or change our perception towards the natural world.

Jamie Morrison is a multi-disciplinary Artist based in Plymouth. Jamie graduated in Fine Art from Plymouth University with First Class honours in 2015 and has been an exhibiting artist in the Soil Culture exhibition 2015. In the same year Jamie was awarded The Arts and Sustainability Prize for “excellence in research and art practice leading to works that raise public awareness of issues related to sustainability”. Having been part of a collaboration between local creative graduate company UPGRAD and ART Bread & Roses for the Commune event at the end of last year, Jamie is very much part of a thriving arts community in Plymouth. He’s just finished a 6 month long graduate awarded residency at KARST.