Sculptor Darrell Schofield


Darrell Scholfield Sculpture

Standing figure, Limestone. Darrell Schofield Sculpture

My name is Darrell Scholfield and I am a sculptor working in stone here in Plymouth. I have been carving stone for about 25 years. After leaving school at 15, I worked as a printer, and later as a regular infantry soldier before attending art college as a mature student in my late 20s.

My first experience of sculpture making was during my studies as a fine art student at the university of the West of England but my interest in art began in my early teens when I was growing up in London. I would spend my free time visiting the city museum’s and art galleries. My favorite was the Tate gallery in Pimlico and it was here that I became acquainted with art by the masters of modernism, particularly works by Picasso Dali and Magritte.

I am inspired by my local natural environment. I meditate on the rocks at Jennycliff beach while listening to the surf carve the stone. Also I like to walk on Dartmoor. Wild places for me induce feelings of ancientness. A particular frequency or vibration. I like the idea that art connects the artist, and those who experience it to the metaphysical background of the world.

The process I use is known as free-carving. This means that when starting a sculpture, the stone has some natural form that inspires the sculptor. If the look of the stone suggests something to the artist, then the artist will work with the stone to create an image. If the stone is cut to a block the artist must knock off the edges. As the stone is reduced to something more organic looking. A dialogue or a rhythm will evolve and slowly the sculpture takes shape. A lot of modern sculptors have used this method.

For myself it is the antithesis of neo classicism. Rather than an art based on an idealized version of the human form, the modern sculptor is at liberty to create images based on his/her own personal mythology.

Darrell Scholfield Sculpture

Reclining figure,York stone. Darrell Schofield Sculpture

 Darrell Schofield Sculpture

Bather, Marble. Darrell Schofield

During the early nineties I travelled to India with my wife a yoga enthusiast and the carvings in the Hindu temples had a huge influence on my style. I bring together an eclectic mix of interests that influence my art including. Taoism, Zen meditation, science, music, Hindu gods, abstract painting, qi gong, the art of pagan cultures, working with plants, growing edible mushrooms (Pleurotos Ostreatus) and a celebration of the feminine spirit in nature.

I believe that drawing is the foundation discipline of the visual arts, the practice of drawing develops eye/hand coordination and improves the assimilation of visual information. As a student I focused mainly on life drawing and my sculpture now is usually figure based.

Nearly all of my sculptures are in the round. A stone roughly the size of a shoe box is light enough to lift. This is the average dimension I preferably start with. I probably remove about a third of the stones weight through the carving process. With the exception of black marble I do not go for a highly polished finish, Reflecting light can cause glare making the work hard to look at.

Mostly the stone is carved with chisel and nylon mallet. I use chisels with tungsten inserts, it is important that the chisel is always kept razor sharp and then the work is finished by filing or abrading. For the past 10 years I have worked almost exclusively in Italian marble, the density of marble is amazing; a small piece will feel very heavy relative to its size and the stone is consistently uniform in structure making it a reliable medium. However, I prefer working with English stone such a York sandstone or Dorset limestone. These stones are softer and easier to carve but lately I have resolved to work exclusively in limestone. I’ve come to prefer the warmer look of lime and sand stones.

I am excited to be in Plymouth at this time. It’s good to see new galleries and small music venues starting up. I am currently looking for a nicely located gallery to display my work.

Please contact me via email if you wish to chat, or see more of my work.